so they can aim for successes worthy of a Nobel Prize

About the fundraising campaign

The most talented young scientists need support at the start of their research career.

Research success requires years of hard work and sacrifices. But passion, a desire to understand the world, ambition and talent motivate many young people to pursue the scientific profession. These are the people we have been seeking out for years, selecting them with great care, supporting them on their scientific path—and then, over the years, tracking their accomplishments with pride and joy.

Some incentive is needed at the crucial stage in the life of every scientist, when they decide whether to continue their research work or abandon it. And this doesn’t mean just a decent salary. It’s also vital to say, “You’re heading in the right direction. You’re asking the right questions.” This is the role of the START stipends. Apart from money, we offer a prestigious distinction—often the first important recognition a young scientist receives. We value the efforts already made by stipend winners and motivate them to continue their work.

Sharing financial support for the START programme is an opportunity to offer young people a tangible vote of confidence. We can persuade them that while continuing at the university or taking up work in a research institute, they can also achieve their personal and professional goals. Any contribution, however modest, to future START programme stipend winners is meaningful to us.

Thanks to your support, we will be able to continue assisting the best applicants. Together we will create better working conditions for young scientists, and maybe spur them on to achieve success worthy of a Nobel Prize.

START programme in numbers:

26 years of implementation of the START programme

Over 2,900 stipend winners in the programme

PLN 3 million—the amount we award our stipend winners every year!

The evaluation method for START stipends—exceptionally thorough, including numerous reviews—allows the programme to identify individuals who will become highly effective scientists in the future and who are prepared to devote themselves wholly to science. Prof. Tomasz Guzik, 2001 START laureate, medicine

I’m thrilled that someone appreciates what I do. This is a huge honour for me, strengthening my confidence and allowing me to continue my work with complete enthusiasm. Dr Hanna Wojewódka, 2017 START laureate, mathematics

It is a very great distinction. If you can state in your CV that you won a START stipend, it will help you a lot in your scientific career. Prof. Karol Grela, 1998 START laureate, chemistry

I have observed the activity of the Foundation for Polish Science for many years, and I believe it is incredibly beneficial and important. I admire the dynamism and variety of the programmes for supporting Polish science implemented by the Foundation, and in particular for supporting talented and ambitious young scientists. Prof. Adam Sobiczewski, founder of the START programme’s Sobiczewski Fund

Awards of this type encourage promising young scientists to stay in Poland and work for the betterment of Polish science. Dr Aleksandra Parteka, 2010 START laureate, economics

I received this award soon after having a child. The money allowed me to arrange for childcare and return to science. Dr Joanna Stachowska-Piętka, 2007 START laureate, biocybernetics and biomedical engineering

FNP stipends are for people. The Foundation considers who you are, what you are involved in, and whether you are worth investing in. That support provides psychological comfort and enables you to devote yourself to science. Dr Martyna Molak-Tomsia, 2015 and 2016 START laureate, molecular biology

I am convinced that support in Poland for young scientists at the early stage of their research work is vital for their later decisions, and that the talent and skills of these young people are our country’s greatest capital. Prof. Szczepan Zapotoczny, benefactor



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Any contribution, however modest, to future START programme stipend winners is meaningful to us. All of the funds collected will be distributed to laureates of the programme. The Foundation will continue to cover all administrative costs.

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About the Foundation

Foundation for Polish Science

We are a non-governmental organization supporting talented scientists and ambitious research projects. We want everyone to be able to take advantage of the results of the work of the finest Polish scientists. For 26 years we have fostered the most talented young scientists early in their research careers through the START programme. Each year stipends are awarded to 100 young researchers. The funds enable them to focus on scientific work and make a START in their research career.


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